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The Facts and Nothing But the Facts, So Help Me Darwin?

By Robert Moak

I read a book on evolution during the seventh grade that was very interesting. However, the information confused me. So I went to my teacher, and asked her some questions about this information. She was upset by my questions, and told me she was disappointed by my acceptance of this information. She told me not to believe this story as it is not true, and I should know it is a false teaching.

I was very troubled by what she said, but even more troubled by the information contained in this book. The reason this story troubled me was that this information seemed to make a lot of sense, and it seemed to disagree with the information we had been studying from the Bible. The name of this book has long since been forgotten, but the troubling situations that followed this brief encounter changed my life for many years. That day was the beginning of several encounters between the teacher, the parish Priest, and me.

The next day, still not satisfied with the lack of an answer from my teacher, I asked her some more questions about the information from the book. I told her why it confused me. She became very angry, and told me I was a terrible person for believing such information and questioning the Bible. This made me feel very sad and alone, as I wanted to believe the Bible stories, but this information seemed to make more sense. These differences caused me to continue to ask her questions.

Some time later the Priest was on the playground during recess. He called me over and told me the Nun who was my teacher had told him about my questions. He told me he was very disappointed about me questioning the Bible. He then grabbed me and held me between his legs, and called the other children and told them to spank me for being such a bad person. The hits didn't really hurt me, but the situation hurt me a lot!

Arriving home from school a couple of days later my mother met me at the door. She said, "We need to talk right now!" She told me the Priest called and told her I slapped the Nun and caused a big disruption at my school. She asked me if what the priest said was true? I asked her if she believed I could do such a thing? She merely told me to look her in the eyes and tell the truth. I told her the story, but left out the part about the priest holding me to be spanked by the other children. This part of the story seemed to be too unbelievable for even me, so she would have a hard time believing it. This conversation resolved the issue with my mother, because she believed my story. She called the school and talked to both the Nun and the Priest, and the whole issue was dropped.

This situation hit me very hard, because at that time my future plans had been to become a Catholic Priest. From that time forward I believed all Christians were hypocrites, or had blind faith, or were being mislead or brainwashed.

This situation haunted me for over twenty-five years. Eventually, my disbelief led me to become an agnostic, and almost pushed me to claim to be an atheist. Then one Easter some friends invited my family to attend Church with them. We accepted their invitation, because I wanted our son who was two years old, to have an opportunity to hear for himself about what these blind Christians had to say.

We started attending this church, and little by little my faith began to be restored as we worshiped with these people. Their honesty and sincerity became evident, but there was still much doubt about the Bible. It seemed most of them believed the stories in Genesis were nice stories, but may not be entirely accurate. So my belief in evolution seemed to fit in just fine with the Bible account about the Creation theory. This went on for many years, and everything seemed fine.

Then one day my son, who was now a grown man, told me that the time line of evolution did not match the one in the Bible. Therefore, no one could believe in both evolution and creation. So I started reading Genesis and trying to discover how these issues could somehow both be true. But I was unable to resolve this dilemma!

Then someone gave me a brochure about a seminar that was being presented by some group called Answers in Genesis. Just reading the information in the brochure, I knew I had to attend this seminar. During this seminar it became clear to me that my problem was caused by who or what I had chosen to believe. I had been demanding that religious people prove to me how the Bible could be true since it didn't match up to what some person named Darwin had espoused.

However, these "facts" that Darwin had presented were in fact not facts, but merely a theory that had not been proved. The book I had read in school had presented this information as fact, and not a theory, and I believed it. Unfortunately the religious teachers from my school believed this information to be factual too, and didn't see how the Bible could be true. But they had taken a vow to believe it anyway! Hence their faith was blind, because they did not have the right information to back their belief system.

CRSEF had a table at that seminar, and I signed up that first night. As a member of CRSEF, it is my plan to learn more of the facts supporting the Biblical account of creation. True scientific facts support this belief system too. My plan is to then use this information to help other Christians who now struggle with the biblical account of creation, because they are being brainwashed by the false "facts" of evolution. Many Christians are looking first at man's account of evolution as fact, and then they try to make the Biblical account of creation fit into that belief system.

The truth is, God's Book is correct, because He knows everything! Men's books may or may not be correct, because no person knows everything! If the knowledge of all human beings was combined we would still not know everything!

Are you troubled by believing the stories of men, and thus have trouble believing the Bible accounts? If so, remember the following two things:

First, the Bible has been guided by the hand of God, and is therefore correct and true. However, since it is directed by God, we may not be able to comprehend all of it, for He knows everything. So some of this book will be over our heads. We need to study the Bible and worship with other believers to learn as much as possible about God's Word.

Second, the evolution theory and other theories of man will be flawed, as none of us knows everything. Also, some of these theories are from brilliant persons, and therefore, may be over the heads of lesser human beings. We must learn to identify actual scientific information, and not be confused by theories presented as facts.

God gave us a free will and a brain so we can decide what facts to consider, but we must decide what we will believe by faith.

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