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Title Author Grade Level
Amazing Story of Creation, The Duane T. Gish General; 6-12
Bomby the Bombadier Beetle Hazel Mae Rue and Richard B. Bliss 4-6
Creation Perpetual Calendar General
"D" is for Dinosaur --
A RhymeBook and More (Homeschool, devotional, coloring book)
Ken and Mally Ham K-6
Dry Bones...And Other Fossils Gary E. Parker 2-4
Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards
Dinosaur ABC's Activity Book Richard B. Bliss 5-10
Fossils, Frogs, Fish, and Friends Elizabeth Ernsl and Richard B. Bliss 4-6
Fossils: Hard Facts From the Earth Norman Fox and Richard B. Bliss 4-6
Fossils: Key to the Present Richard B. Blass, Duane T. Gish, and Gary E. Parker 7-12
Genesis Solution, The Ken Ham and Paul Taylor General; 9-12
Great Dinosaur Adventure Game
Great Dinosaur Mystery K-12
Hummy and the Wax Castle Elizabeth Ernst and Richard B. Bliss 4-6
Lie: Evolution, The Ken Ham General; 7-12
Men of Science-Men of God Henry M. Morris General; 7-12
Noah's Ark and the Lost World 3-9
Origins: Creation or Evolution
(Great for 7-12 classroom; two-model approach
Richard B. Bliss General; 7-12
Science and the Bible Henry M. Morris General
Voyage to the Planets (Aug. 1991) Richard B. Bliss General; 5-12
Voyage to the Stars (1991) Richard B. Bliss General; 5-12
What is Creation Science? Henry M. Morris and Gary E. Parker General

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