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Upcoming Events

CRSEF's monthly presentations are given at a public library or a local church on the third
Thursday of each month
. All presentations are planned to run from 7-7:45 PM followed by a
15 minute, or longer, Q&A time.

Some presentations have technical content, but we try to supply descriptive information so it
may be understandable to attendees ages 12 and above.

Thursday, 4/12/2018 - See the listed times for the exhibit hall

Event: Great Cincinnati Home School Convention

Mid-West Homeschool Convention – Cincinnati, OH
CRSEF will be there from Thursday, 12 thru Saturday, April 14 at Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH.

Dear CRSEF Friend,

CRSEF has booth #’s 1634 and 1636 this year!
We needed two booth spaces so we have room for all our displays!

Please stop by and see us, and pick up a FREE “Young Earth Creation Perpetual Calendar” and some FREE booklets about Biblical Young Earth Creation!

Please tell others about this event, and come see us, if you are attending this conference.

CRSEF plan to have on display:
Our Acrocanthosaurus (dinosaur model), which is about 6 feet tall and 16 feet long. This model was built by Buddy Davis of Answers in Genesis!
Our Noah’s Ark replica, which was constructed using the HO Railroad Model scale, based on the 18 inch Biblical cubit. It is a barge style construction.
A table of fossils that you can view, and in some cases you can pick them up.
Our "Dinosaur Growth Rate Exhibit," which has two dinosaur models showing the size at hatching from an egg, and then how big it is just a few months later!

Kids and adults will want to play the new “Know Your Dinosaurs Game?,” this is a feature we recently added to our booth.
Do you know the names of dinosaurs? Come by and prove it, and/or learn the names of some dinosaurs!
It is FREE to play, and you may win a prize!

This event is being held at Duke Energy Center, 525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202.
See the following website for more information:

The CRSEF booth #1634 and 1636 will be open and expecting guests at the times indicated below:
• Thursday:6:00–9:00 pm
• Friday:9:30 am–8:30 pm
• Saturday:9:30 am–5:30 pm

To see a list of all the booths and vendors, go to the following web site:

If you have not already registered to attend this great event, see this website address, for the cost:
Just scroll down the page for prices, and registration information.

Presenter: Great Home School Convention
Location: Duke Energy Center
Directions:  Get Map and Directions
Website:  Visit Website

Thursday, 4/19/2018 - From 7:00 - 8:00 PM followed by 15 minute Q&A time

Event: CRSEF Monthly Program for April

Bill Oehler of CRSEF will present, “Dynamics of the Lithosphere, and How Plate Tectonics Caused Formation of Mountains.” Part 2 of 2

The causes of plate tectonics can best be explained by a catastrophic event known as the worldwide Flood of Noah. It is the only explanation that really makes any sense.

Secular scientists have no real explanation of how, why and when this occurred! They must assume millions of years to allow for evolution!

The lithosphere of the Earth, the 100 kilometers thick, solid rock cover of our planet, is made up of almost a dozen mostly stiff plates which drift on the slowly deforming mantle. Where two plates collide, the energy of their movement produces especially strong effects: Mountains are uplifted, volcanoes erupt, earthquakes occur. These convergent plate boundaries are great examples of the dynamics of the lithosphere. The active deformation in these regions takes place on all timescales from seconds to millions of years.

Presenter: Bill Oehler of CRSEF will field questions after the presentation!
Location: Sharonville Public Library
Directions:  Get Map and Directions
Website:  Visit Website

Saturday, 9/15/2018 - 9:00 AM to about 4:00 PM

Event: The Heritage Day Festival in Mason, Ohio

Heritage Day – Festival *Saturday, *September 15, 2018.
This will be the 20th consecutive year for CRSEF at this event.

*This event date is not confirmed yet, stay tuned for more details about this event.

Presenter: City of Mason, Ohio
Location: Mason, OH
Directions:  Get Map and Directions
Website:  Visit Website

Thursday, 11/15/2018 - Thursday 15, - Sunday 18, November 2018

Event: ICOM - International Conference on Missions

International Conference on Missions (ICOM) The theme for 2018 is "Unhindered."
CRSEF will have a booth (#’?? and ??) at the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MISSIONS at the Duke Energy Convention Center 525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 513-419-7300

Thursday 15, - Sunday 18, November 2018

Presenter: ICOM -International Conference on Missions
Location: Duke Energy Center
Directions:  Get Map and Directions
Website:  Visit Website

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