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Upcoming Events

CRSEF's monthly presentations are given at a public library or a local church on the third
Thursday of each month
. All presentations are planned to run from 7-7:45 PM followed by a
15 minute, or longer, Q&A time.

Some presentations have technical content, but we try to supply descriptive information so it
may be understandable to attendees ages 12 and above.

Thursday, 9/19/2019 - From 7 - 7:45 followed by a 15 Minute Q&A time

Event: CRSEF Monthly Program for September

I invite you to join me and Dr. Jobe Martin, (Biblical Discipleship Ministries) in this awe-inspiring presentation “The Crimson Worm!” Dr. Martin shares a powerful message that shows how multiple passages in the Old Testament have a direct correlation with the plan of Redemption as recorded in the New Testament. – David Rives

What does a little worm have to do with Jesus, Calvary, and God’s plan for Salvation? The Crimson Worm gives up its own life in order that its offspring might live. Do we see that pattern anywhere in the Bible? Yes, there is a direct biblical connection between the Crimson Worm, the vesture of the high priest of Israel, and our Savior Jesus Christ. This look into the Biblically significant patterns of the Crimson Worm will leave you in awe.

Presenter: Dr. Jobe Martin with David Rives
Location: North Central Public Library
Directions:  Get Map and Directions
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